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Electrical circuits are essential to any home or office, and it is important to ensure that they are properly installed and maintained. Since electrical circuits are charged, you need to have a circuit panel to control the electricity circulation and avoid dangerous situations.

Hill Electrical Construction is a certified electrical contractor that offers circuit panel installation in Lebanon, OR. We have a team of experienced and professional electricians ready to install a new panel, change breakers, and keep your electronics safe from any potential electrical hazards. So don't worry about a thing; leave the job in our experienced hands!


Importance Of Having A State-Of-The-Art Circuit Panel

Your circuit panel plays an important role in your electrical system. It's mainly responsible for electricity distribution throughout the building or house by connecting different circuit breakers. It also serves as the main shut-off point in an electrical emergency. This is why it is important to ensure that your circuit panel is up-to-date and can handle the current load.

Some panel models are obsolete and present many issues. For example, Zinsco panels have many problems with breakers and present short circuits frequently, Bulldog panels have weak switches, and will get harder to reset over time, and Federal Pacific (FPE) panels have high risks of unexpected circuit breaker failures. So if you have any of these circuit panels, call us right away, and we will replace them with brand-new ones.

What To Expect From Our Service

As your circuit panel installation experts, we will work with you to determine the best panel for your home based on the number of circuits you have, the amperage needs, the voltage you receive, the type of wiring, and the size of your property. We will also help you choose the right location for your panel and install it correctly to avoid any circuit problems in the future.

Once we have installed your new circuit panel, we will test all the connections to ensure everything is working properly. Our certified electricians will also provide a detailed installation report and maintenance tips to keep your new panel in top condition.

Trust Our Second-To-None Services

At Hill Electrical Construction, we are proud to be the favorite electrical contractor of Lebanon, OR, citizens. Our services are not limited to panel installation, but we also offer new-build wiring, rewiring, electrical repairs, indoor/outdoor lighting, outbuilding electrical, and generator services.

Electricity is useful but dangerous to manipulate without the proper knowledge and tools. Don't take any chances with your circuit panel; call us today and schedule a visit from one of our electricians!

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