Day To Day Activities Of An Electrical Contractor

by | May 12, 2023

Electrical contractors are essential in any construction or remodeling project. They’re responsible for safely installing, maintaining, and repairing electrical equipment and systems in homes and commercial buildings. Before getting into their duties, let’s quickly go over the electrical contractors’ classification.

Classifications Of Electrical Contractor

Inside Electrical Contractors

They get in charge of the electrical wiring and fixtures inside a building. This includes installing outlets, circuit breakers, switches, lighting systems, and more.

Outside Electrical Contractors

The main concern of these contractors is the wiring outside of a building, including installing outdoor lighting, power lines, and utility poles.

Integrated Building Systems Contractors

Their job is to connect different electrical systems into a single system that works as one. This includes connecting the HVAC, alarm systems, and other automated systems.

Now that we know the different types of electrical contractors, let’s look into their day-to-day responsibilities.

What An Electrical Contractor Do

There are many different tasks that an electrical contractor can do. Here are some of the most common ones:

• Install electrical wiring and fixtures.

• Inspect existing electrical systems for safety and functionality.

• Troubleshoot, diagnose and repair malfunctioning electrical

The Difference Between An Electrical Contractor And An Electrician

Although they may sound the same, there’s an important difference between electrical contractors and electricians. An electrical contractor refers to a business that offers electrical services, while an electrician is a professional who works for the contractor.

Electricians in Lebanon, OR, are highly trained professionals who have the skills and experience to safely install, maintain and repair electrical systems. They need to be certified to perform any type of electrical work and don’t necessarily have to be part of an electrical contracting company.

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At Hill Electrical Construction, we pride ourselves on being the top electrical contractors in Lebanon, OR. We offer a wide range of electrical services, from a simple light switch installation to complete new build wiring. Don’t take any risk with electricity; trust our expert electricians to handle the job quickly and efficiently.

Circuit Panels

Your circuit panel plays an important role in your electrical system. It’s mainly responsible for electricity distribution throughout the building or house by connecting different circuit breakers. It is also the main shut-off point in an electrical emergency. This is why it is important to ensure that your circuit panel is up-to-date and can handle the current load.


The cost of losing power to your home and property can be significant. But it doesn’t have to be! With a home generator in Lebanon from Hill Electrical Construction, you can have confidence that your home and goods are protected. Our electricians will determine the correct generator to ensure you and your family are protected.

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